Heritage Breed Conservancy


We ship all of our hatching eggs in our own specially made high density foam shipping container, which protects the eggs from rough handling at the post office, as well as insulates them from hot and cold ambient temperatures.

No matter how well eggs are packaged, or how breeders try to protect them, all hatching eggs suffer loss of fertility when shipped. The expected results should be about 50% of the on site fertiliy rate. For example, if the on site fertility rate is 80%, you should expect about a 40% fertility rate. Also, you shouldn't expect all fertile eggs to hatch either. Shipped eggs can have detached air cells, or split air cells. Yolks can be off center. There are a few things that can be done, to mitigate any rough handling during shipping.

Shipped eggs should never, ever be placed directly into the incubator. They should be placed in a cool location, pointy end down. There should also be a container of water beside the eggs, to raise humidity, as shipping tends to dry eggs out. It is not necessary to turn the eggs. Eggs should remain like this for 24 hours. This will help any detached air cells to re-form, and will allow the yolk to re-centre itself. Once this period has passed, the eggs should be brought up to room temperature overnight, and then placed in the incubator as usual.