Heritage Breed Conservancy

Breeding and Preserving Heritage Poultry

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Poultry Breeds

The following are the heritage breeds we are currently working on.
Blue/Black/Splash Brahmas
Gold Laced Brahmas
Silver Laced Brahmas
Lavendar Ameraucanas
Solid Blue/Black/Splash Marans
Cream Brabanters
Canadian Bresse
Salmon Faverolles

Hatching Eggs

Hatching eggs available from March to September. Can be picked up or shipped. We use our own heavy duty foam egg shippers to ensure safe arrival. There is no guarantee on shipped eggs, as we have no control once the eggs leave our farm.


We take bio security very seriously. Because of this, we are closed to the public. We do not allow any visitors near our bird pens, under any circumstances. Therefore, when you come to pick up birds or eggs, you will be doing so at the farm gate--NO EXCEPTIONS!